A Message From The President

Rama Kasturi, Ph.D

Welcome to “Heart to Heart” – Red Saree’s e-newsletter which will be published quarterly.  The newsletter will focus on health and wellness in South Asians and provide updates on the activities of Red Saree Inc.

The era of COVID-19 is here.  The world has been brought to a near standstill by a viral particle 0.12 microns in diameter (for comparison, the average human hair is 17-180 microns in diameter).  Social distancing is now a fixture of our lives for the foreseeable future.   While we lament the acute disruption of our previously somewhat predictable everyday lives, we must recognize and embrace that we, like Nature, have been given the chance to reset and rejuvenate ourselves and commit to healthier and more balanced work and life styles.

The Mission of Red Saree has never been more relevant and remains vitally important.  COVID-19 has heightened the need for education and outreach regarding the importance of wellness and healthy lifestyles for South Asians who are already at increased risk versus the general population for cardiovascular illness due to their genetics and lifestyle choices.  Worldwide, 13% of deaths due to heart disease are attributable to people of South Asian descent.

Much has been accomplished since the inaugural Red Saree Gala in May 2019.  We successfully raised funds for two pilot projects. The focus of the first project is to build infrastructure related to social media and the Red Saree organization.  The second project, which focuses on the impact of diet on health and wellness is on hold due to the COVID-19-related lockdown.   We look forward to being able to restart the project and completing the study as soon as is possible.

We are excited to report that Red Saree Chapters have opened up in multiple cities across the U.S.A.  We now have over 10 chapters in varies cities, including Boston, Birmingham, Chicago, and Detroit. For more information, please check our Red Saree™ website and Facebook page.

Despite the fact that we cannot hold in-person events, we continue to tap into new modes of communication to reach our target audience.  We recently invested in Zoom Videoconference technology to facilitate communication within and between Red Saree chapters across the USA.  Our secretary, Latha Samu, has been taking the lead on these activities.  Red Saree Cincinnati recently kicked off a series of live videoconferences with Speakers who are providing information on a variety of topics of interest to our members and friends.  Various chapters are setting up their own videoconferences as well, and the zoom conference platform allows us to share in these offerings by various chapters. In addition, we have just launched a quarterly newsletter and we look forward to bringing you interesting information on a variety of topics that are consistent with our mission.

We are truly sorry to have had to cancel this year’s gala event due to the pandemic.  We look forward to seeing you, hopefully, at the next year’s Red Saree gala.  In the meantime, stay focused on your health and wellness.  Learn to recognize what you can control and let go of the rest.  We hope that you can find more time for yourselves and your loved ones and ask that you resolve to be kinder and gentler to yourself and others as we collectively navigate what has become one of the most stressful times in our lives. 

Rama Kasturi, PhD
President, Red Saree Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio